The Best Tree at Noelanders Trophy XIII?

Let me indulge myself… its my website after all!

One of the best things about taking part in a BIG show is that you get to view the exhibition when it is quiet. On entering the exhibition the very first tree was this amazing Scots pine by David Benavente.
The maturity of the bark and branches, the tiny needles, density of the foliage pads and sensitive styling make THIS TREE my favourite… and one that I would kill for to have in my collection.

I have known David for quite a few years… being fortunate that at the last Ginkgo Award of getting up close and personal to this pine… and… I cannot find anything that i would change, its pretty damn near perfect.

That is not to say the winner was not an amazing tree… its just that… I like this one more 🙂

5 comments on “The Best Tree at Noelanders Trophy XIII?

    • This was one of the areas that we discussed, So… there is a balance between the cascade ‘tension’ created with the current planting position and the ‘comfort’ should (if) it were planted differently.

      This tree is yamadori… and as such some things are forgiveable.

      I have no issue with the planting position… I know other feel differently.


      • Now when you mention it it makes a lot of sense. Never looked at this this way.:) Especialy because of the nice movement of the main branch near the trunk area.

        If the tree would not be so ideal probably the position would not even be noticed.

        What is your opinion on the dynamic of the foliage pads?


      • I view the image as a whole… I do like that fact that there are spaces between the foliage pads and there is clear definition. So often we have seen Pines that simply look like green triangles showing a small amount of trunk. David has created a really good ‘pine’ image and not simply a ‘bonsai’ image.


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