Whole Bonsai covered by a layer of Ice

The whole of Europe is in the grip of a mini ice age, yet here in the UK we seem to have missed the worst of the weather. The coldest my garden has got is -3c during the day and a night -7c. yesterday we had the strange phenomena of ‘freezing rain’.

The trees that I have left out are totally covered in a thin layer of ice. The Pines, Yews, Larches and Hawthorns that I collect have endured far worse conditions when they were exposed to severe desiccating winds during very cold winters in the mountains so I am not concerned as to their wellbeing in my sheltered garden.

2 comments on “Whole Bonsai covered by a layer of Ice

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  2. Here in Eastern Pennsylvania freezing rain is a common occurrence and can be quite damaging if the buildup is too much causing tree limbs and power lines to be brought down!!! Driving is no picnic either!!


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