How to re-pot a Raft Hawthorn Bonsai

This Hawthorn raft is probably the tree that most people in the bonsai world know me by, I collected the tree way back in 1991 and after establishing in a box for 4 years the tree has only been re-potted 3 times.

In this repot, the angle of the tree was changed by 5 degrees. Rotating to the right the tree presented itself better to the viewer. The left side being closer… however the right side moved away from the viewer, that had to be corrected (that is explained here) The late great potter Derek Aspinall made the pot, its very narrow and perfectly flat, sitting without rocking when displayed on a table/

This re-pot was done exactly 12 months ago, the tree recovered well and is in preparation for a show in Wales later this year.

8 comments on “How to re-pot a Raft Hawthorn Bonsai

  1. I have always admired this hawthorn raft. I too have a privet raft that I collected as a smallish tree from a derelict site in the early 90’s, and grown on as a raft. I genuinely never grew it on with any positive design in mind at the time. Now, still needing further refinement, I notice how amazingly it resembles your tree. Even to the extent of a large root to the left now needing some reduction or removal.


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  3. Great tree and good picture report. The tree is much smaller than I thought, which just shows that the proportions work.
    What is the soil mix you are using for this Hawthorn?


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