Four days work on my new Allotment

After waiting seven years to secure an allotment near my home I finally took ownership of a large plot. I inherited three sheds, two greenhouses and one huge headache. the site had not been touched for 4 years and was massively overgrown.

50% of the ground was covered with paving stones… and the rest knee high in weeds… the first job was to remove the overgrown trees, second to dismantle a dilapidated shed, and the third to remove a skip full of accumulated rubbish, plastic and glass. The photos show the difference after 4 days hard labour… and there are many more to follow 🙂

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7 comments on “Four days work on my new Allotment

  1. A job well done. I slept like a baby after moving all those slabs. Next job, level the ground and then erect the polly tunnel. Let me no well in advance and i should be able to get the coach for a quid (£) hahaha.


  2. Tony,
    Do you think you should have left the shed just in case Mrs. T finds that you have returned from a show with a new tree?
    It would have made a good bolt hole in such cases!


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