Strange pot for a semi cascade Juniper

I have had this juniper for over ten years, I bought it because I wanted a Japanese Juniper in my collection, this little tree has been the most expensive tree in my garden, because I paid so much for this tree I have been reluctant to part with it, most of my collection consists of yamadori that I have collected.

This tree was originally Moyogi with set branches in a typically imported tree. However the tree suffered from vine weevil about 7 years ago and lost but one branch! It has stood in my garden looking very sorry for all this time…. In fact…many of my bonsai ‘friends’ have made fun of me for paying so much for a runt of a tree.

Some times a particular pot can stimulate an idea, this is one such pot. My friend from Holland Hans Van Meer, gave me this pot by William Vlaanderen  because I believed this tree would ‘work’. The idea for this pot is Hans. I think that this runt of a tree will develop into an interesting bonsai… you saw it here first…what do you think?

5 comments on “Strange pot for a semi cascade Juniper

  1. Hi, Tony!

    What do you think of something like this?

    I believe that the main problem about this tree is in harmonizing the canopy with the lower jin, since this last goes down but then rises again and gets in the way of that right branch.
    Maybe if you introduce a change of direction to the left it would stop the conflict with that jin.

    I think the pot is perfect for this tree.



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