Some of the oldest undiscovered Ancient Yew trees In the UK

Last summer I found some of the oldest unrecorded Yew trees In the UK. I have check on the registers and they are not listed. These Yew Trees must be very old indeed they grow high on the cliff face deep in a mixed woodland far from any road. The trees are NOT on private land and are accessible to all, if you can find them 🙂  The last photo is the damage done to Yew by winter grazing deer. They strip the bark from the trees as this is the only source of food during the dark winter months. Many trees die, I saw evidence of this throughout the wood.

6 comments on “Some of the oldest undiscovered Ancient Yew trees In the UK

  1. Hi Tony, came across your photos in a google search, great pics and great find, well done.
    I am a volunteer for the Ancient yew group and we would be very interested in documenting these yews so as to survey, record and monitor the health of the Yews and help the protection of them.
    Pay a visit to the website and maybe contact Tim Hills (who runs the site) regarding these fine yews ,
    Kind Regards

    Dean Loftus.


  2. The parallels between this and the niagara escaprment in Ontario are incredible. On the niagara escaprment there is lush mixed hardwood above and below the rock outcrops, but then you have 1500 year old Thuja clinging to the rock, apparently out of reach of fire and other nuisances.

    (not my photo)


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