Revolutionary methods for establishing newly collected Yamadori

I am working on some revolutionary methods for establishing newly collected Yamadori. I started back in November with five trees using different techniques, two failed but three have delivered spectacular results. Prunus Spinosa and Crataegus producing roots from the whole tree, these photos were taken in February. With this knowledge I set out and collected over 100 trees and these are now thriving. I am busy collecting Yews up to the end of April in the UK then over to mainland Europe for Pines and Picea. This year’s stock will be available for reserve for a deposit of 50% from Mid June onwards.

I have uploaded these photos in hi resolution so you can take a closer look if you ‘click’ on them!

New roots direct from the trunk

The white specks are the start of new roots, two weeks after this photo was take the roots were 2cm long!

A small section of the recently collected Prunus Spinosa and Crataegus, they are triving.

18 comments on “Revolutionary methods for establishing newly collected Yamadori

  1. Tony,

    has enough tipme pasted for more information? What about the e-book you mention above?
    Curious to learn more.



      • Hi Tony,

        thanks for the information. What a pitty that I’m not in a club or other organisation.


        PS: just realized a few typos in my first post, beg your pardon for that.


  2. Hi Tony,
    Any news on that ebook?
    I have recently collected a big old hawthorn and would love to try your method out!


  3. Please, we are still waiting for some hints, you have to us, collecting season is coming soon. Kind regards, dont let us die stupid, Boris


      • that would be wonderful Tony, I will buy this ebook for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience about bonsai, its a really great blog you have there. If you would come to Germany to lecture, it would be quite marvelous!!!, cheers Boris


  4. paprenaud, i think Tony’s secret lies with knowledge gained from hydroponics, through use of constant misting system and the right temperature and sphagnum helps but iam sure we’ll be kept guessing. Best way to find out, try it yourself


    • Dereck I agree it’s always good to try things for ourselves and using the hydroponics, A method I have heard and seen but never really did any of it when I was heavly into growing my own plants from seeds but since medical reason hampered me from doing gardening I found trying to understand Bonsai Culturet he best thing that happened for me So Tony don’t keep us all in the dark toooooo long

      take care



  5. Hi Tony I am gobsmacked, What a great result, Dont leave it to leave to reveal ALL I am way past my Expiry Date being over 18 and all that .I have tried different ways to get results that you have but guess i am going about all the wrong way thanks for sharing your knowledge


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