European Bonsai tour #8 the finishing line

In arrived in my home at 10.00am on Tuesday after staying the night with Stone Monkey near Tunbridge Wells in the South of England. My European Tour started on 2nd May and finished on 16th May. I visited 7 countries and travelled 5239Km/3256miles.

I met many wonderful people, plus a few crazy ones! Ate really good food, drank in moderation and perhaps talked too much. Thanks for following my epic journey, I have an enormous amount of material for this blog including over 2 hours of video, 1500 photos and lots of great stories that will feature here over the next few weeks.

For now though here are my personal reflections and statistics from the tour:

Best roads: Germany

Worst roads: Slovenia

Best Food: Italy

Worst Food: Germany

Most enthusiastic bonsai Nation: Hungary

Highest point: 1760 mtrs in Austria

Lowest point: Sharing the stage with a Prima Donna

Best Night Out: Ljubljana

Strangest drink: Fruit of Myrtle Spirit (Italian homemade)

Best bonsai personality: Marc Noelanders

Hero: Tomaž Kovšca (organiser of EBA Ljubljana)

Zero: Brussels Ring Road

Best Weather: Italy

Worst Weather: Belgium

Best Audience: Belgium

Worst Coffee: Germany

Best Coffee: Italy

Favourite place: On top of a mountain in Slovenia

Funniest  name: “Gasthof Wanker” in Austria

Best thing of all: staying with friends old and new

6 comments on “European Bonsai tour #8 the finishing line

  1. Now you need rest, good fertiliser, and a quiet sunny place in your garden to regain vigor and maitain good health 🙂


  2. Worst food: Germany?
    Did Walter cook for you by himself?
    Now I regret that I didnt get a chance to bring you to that local brewerie with home-brewed beer and delicious german coutry cuisine.

    Cheers, Marius


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