Tony Remington Bonsai Potter Showcase #7

Tony Remington follows in the footsteps of the great craft potters that the UK is famous for. Mainly wheel thrown Tony’s pots are full of exquisite detail. Tony also works a lot in Porcelain, in this video he explains working with this difficult body.

You can see more of Tony Remingtons work on this website.

4 comments on “Tony Remington Bonsai Potter Showcase #7

  1. HI Dale
    I found your comment interesting. So are you claiming you invented this technique? Nearly every bonsai potter I know who throw pots on the wheel use this technique, it’s nothing special, nothing precious, there are lots of crack pots out there made by lots of potters. I can’t remember where I first saw it, but I don’t think it was one of your pots, nice as they are.
    Regards Tony


    • Every show I do now has at least two other potters selling those, plus several vendors who don’t pot but sell others’ pots , several from Europe. They ALL say the same thing! :>)
      Yet, they ALL started dooing it about 2-3 years back.
      But, that aside, I like your pots quite a bit. Especially the L&W pots I saw a while back with a watefall looking glaze on them.


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