Underwater Bonsai Video

I thought I would start the new year with something rather unusual, I picked this up from a friend on IBC. A beautifully curved deadwood of Sabina chinesis is attached to java moss resembling leaves. Different trunk and leaves are combined to form a Bonsai

Water and Bonsai

you can read more about this on the Japanese website

3 comments on “Underwater Bonsai Video

  1. I find it rather unnatural, all the fishes and shrimps swimming aroud the tree 🙂
    As Andre wrotes, japanese photographer Takashi Amano is considered as a founder of aquascapes. This is a quite new way how to create fish tank, with a good layout and nice plants. Fishes are not so important. I think Amano´s layouts are inspired by zen gardens, or arranging suiseki stones. For more info, google Aqua Design Amano. Some nice aquatic gardens can be found for example here: http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2012/
    It´s a little off topic, but I like it. Art has no boundaries, does not matter if it´s bonsai, stone, suiseki, aquascape – all about nature 🙂
    Thanks for nice post.


    • i was going to start one but thought it threw and bonsai is my real passion not underwater bonsai but i do appreciate the beauty of them


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