I will make sure I check in next time I’m in Portlandia

Michael Hagedorn

A day before my trip to Europe the passports were done, so I scampered into town to pick them up from one of our quirky printing houses, Pinball Publishing. They make a passport-sized notebook that none other than Tom Waits has used for a book of poetry. Quirky tidbits: The passports, in typical Portland earth-friendly fashion, are entirely made of recycled paper with a chipboard cover and vegetable-dye inks. There are 32 blank pages inside to offer to Portland Bonsai Village nurseries for their rubber stamps! We don’t have 32 nurseries to visit, admittedly, but perhaps you’ll come back for duplicate stamps. Those who fail to do that may still use it for writing your grocery list. Just please don’t tell me about it.

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