Park Avenue Art Festival

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Valavanis Bonsai Blog

Each summer I participate in two arts festivals in Rochester to introduce the “public” to bonsai, get new students for my Introductory Bonsai Course and sell a few indoor starter trees. Each year photos must be sent for judging to see if your art is good enough for the public. All work must be original, not imported from China or India. On Sunday we finished the Park Avenue Arts Fest, which I’ve shown in for the past 20 years. My good buddies and super salesmen Ron Maggio and Rick Marriott helped Diane and me sell some indoor bonsai starters. Well, they did the selling because Diane “tried” to make me sit down and work on a few bonsai because of my broken foot. They did a smashing job selling 74 bonsai! The bonsai which were sold were priced from $18 to $350. I hope they all live too… My display…

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