Please choose your favorite ‘Front’ for this Yew

This is a Chuhin Yamadori yew that I collected 10 years ago, I have slowly worked the tree down from a large double trunk to this little tree. Prior to making the photos I was undecided as to which ‘front’ I wanted for the tree. I think know, but what do you think? Please vote on your preferred front and comment as to why you have chosen. Thanks for taking part. BTW the pot is NOT the final pot for exhibition.

Yew A Yew B

22 comments on “Please choose your favorite ‘Front’ for this Yew

  1. B is my choice. There is something with that sharp line in the front that leads the eye both lout of the picture and inside the foliage. It also accentuates the various sharp points on top of the deadwood. To me with a the trees is pointing into too many different directions. Which did you choose finally


  2. I pick A. This is an outstanding example of a tree that has had to struggle to survive and has succeeded beautifully with stark contrasting sides of life and death, with dramatic movement and flow, and the soft warm glow of the live vein in the center bringing the two sides together.


  3. Andy B
    “B” all the way. The flow is better. “A”‘s visual flow seems awkward where the eye moves through B with ease. Much more of a majestic feel. A better visual experience. And the eye moves to the live growth versus the dead growth which makes for a more optimistic experience. Hope that helps. First time I’ve weighed in on a bonsai blog. How’d I do?


  4. Even though the front A is giving more powerful movement, B seems more natural and impressive to me, so my vote is for B, but just 51%. I agree with Michael J. by the way, tree with a two different but powerful fronts is always better. I have just one cascade bougainvillea with two sweet sides and it surprises me each time i change its display position 🙂


  5. I agree with Vic. B. However, this illustrates a valuable point; often what you think is the front, is really 180 degrees off from another (sometimes better) front. This should be considered at each repotting. Also, when a tree has 2 fronts it doubles the chances that it can work as part of a cohesive display, because directionality and balance are key to good displays (be they on one shohin stand, or on opposite ends of a 30 ft display table).


  6. Some excellent comments! To me: either is good, but I think B is better. The geometry of A is a bit ho-hum to my eye; and A gives me the visual impression that the roots are cut off from the foliage. (I know they’re not, but that’s the visual impression I get.)

    Now, when did you say you’ll ship it to me? 😉


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  8. It’s hard to choose from just 2 angles but I would say front B. I think it shows more of the foliage with the deadwood complimenting it. I think front A has the opposite effect with a lot of deadwood being the center of attention and the foliage complimenting it. The live part of the tree should always be the main focus and I don’t think u get that with front A.


  9. I prefer B. That front shows a tree solidly anchored in the pot with a discernible trunk line, clearly visible live vein and presents a good branch structure, It shows a believable tree. A is certainly more dramatic, but very abstract. just my two pennies.


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