Bonsai Europa Exhibition 2015 announcement.

Bonsai Europa

Today I announce a new exciting Bonsai Exhibition in the UK Bonsai Europa 2015. The format will NOT be as existing shows, there will be some Classical Bonsai, and the show will be curated creatively exploring new and distinctive approach. Artists from across Europe are invited to show at what should be one of the most important shows in the Bonsai Calendar. The venue is The Castle Armoury in my hometown of Bury, North Manchester. Watch this space for more details over the next few months. 

The Venue

The Venue

11 comments on “Bonsai Europa Exhibition 2015 announcement.

  1. I miss interested to participate Bonsai competition and show.

    Please assist us on the schedule and procedure.

    We are bonsai designer and nature aquarium creator in penang, Malaysia.

    Cheers..boon chew


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