Gearing up for Gafu Ten Part 3

When you’re big in Japan, tonight
Big in Japan, be tight
Big in Japan, where the Eastern sea’s so blue
Big in Japan, alright

Stone Monkey Ceramics

Well my pots went to Japan with Peter Warren in November and were given the once over by some of the adjudicators and organisers of the event to make sure that they were worthy of being accepted, which I am extremely please to say that they were.


I had some very helpful critique and feedback and Peter said that it would be prudent to take on the advice and take the advantage to make some more pots with the thoughts and critique embodied in the new pots. So pleased as punch I set to making some more glazed porcelain pots


After mixing and sieving glaze late into Monday night and then glazing the pots Tuesday night, they finally came out of my small kiln late last night.


All that remains now is for me to photograph them to allow Peter and I to select the best three to be sent…

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