Pistachio from the hot South in a pot from the cold North

Thor Holvila Bonsai Pot 1500

This yamadori pistachio was collected in Croatia 5 years ago and has still some way to go with the foliage mass. It has wonderful craggy bark and graceful twists and turns to the trunk line. Last week the tree flowered profusely however here in the cold damp North of England I do not expect to be blessed with Pistachio nuts as this species does not produce them (shame because they are my favourite)

I asked Thor Holvila to make a pot for the tree, I was looking for a different approach … This from Thor “I call this design Nidhögg since its depicting the dragon snake in Norse mythology that guards the world tree Yggdrasil. It’s carved by hand from one piece of granite grey Danish clay. Thor Holvila‘s attention to detail is wonderful, unseen are the faces of of Nordic characters with the eyes being the wire holes, each face different, and the feet are characteristic of of the carvings on Viking longboats.

The tree pot combination is great and the colour matches well with the rugged silvery bark, and when the foliage fills out it can only improve.

Take a look at more of Thor’s amazing pots in the links above

One comment on “Pistachio from the hot South in a pot from the cold North

  1. Sir: Ley my tell you that your bonsais are masterpieces. I am a begiiner, but i can admire those beautiful trees.
    Kind regards and my respect to you


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