Cleaning a pot but still keeping some of the “patina”: The “Just Made Up”method 

We have soft water but for all the Southern softy shandy drinkers who read my blog…this is for you

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We have a pot. You may remember this calcium and lime riddled pot from that popular and witty post:Buy the Trunk, not the Branches. The tree featured was suffering pretty badly from chlorosis and neglect.

Our pot has what could be called “patina”. Lots of patina. I might even call it “the Florida Patina”…. even. Way too much, in my opinion. It’s the result of the Florida water, of which our source is an aquifer (the Floridan Aquifer System) located underneath most of the state and is encased in carbonate rock (fossilized coral really) that was formed during the Paleocene to Miocene eras when Florida was underwater. The water in the aquifer is estimated at about 17-26,000 years old, not that old really. The water in Orlando is drawn from what’s called the deep aquifer….

Which is on the edge of the true Floridan aquifer. But our poor…

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