The end of an era

A truly wonderful Man Roger was so enthusiastic and sprightly for one of his age. He will be missed by many, it breaks my heart so see these photos of him.

British Shohin Bonsai

I don’t normally like attaching words like “legend” and “one of a kind” to people but I can do some with a certain degree of justification in the case of Roger Oldham, British Shohin Bonsai’s oldest member,who sadly died this week. Although he had been successfully managed both a heart condition and diabetes for many years, it seems that 40 plus years of working in the chemical industry had caused a lung issue that he was unable to pull himself out of.  Knowing Roger, he would have put up one hell of a fight.

Rather than try to write an obituary, I thought it would be better to reproduce an article that appeared in the BSA Newsletter in 2012 which I feel sum him up far better than any sad words can ever do.  Here goes:


It is a wet and raw Friday afternoon in October and I am sitting in…

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