Pine and Yew Yamadori for sale December 2015

All trees have been collected longer than 2 years, all are well rooted and in a soil mixture of Pumice, Akadama and alpine grit.  I recommend that any newly purchased yamadori must never be worked in the first year of purchase, this allows the tree to acclimatise to new surrounding and enables the buyer to understand the nature of the species before making any interventions.

Any trees purchased can be collected at The Noelanders trophy in January. I prefer NOT to ship but this can be arranged.

These trees are VERY OLD and must be cared for well after purchase. If you are interested in any of these trees please use the contact form, also let me know the number of the tree and where you will wish to have the tree collected or shipped.

Pine buds Pine 05e Pine 05c Pine 05b Pine 05a Pine 04d Pine 04b Pine 04a Yew 06f Yew 06d Yew 06c Yew 06b Yew 06a

Tree is sold

Yew 05f Yew 05e Yew 05d Yew 05c Yew 05b Yew 05a Yew 04b Yew 04a Pine 02b Pine 02a Pine 03b Pine 03a Pine 01c Pine 01b Pine 01a Yew 3e Yew 3d Yew 3c Yew 3b Yew 3a Yew 2e Yew 2d Yew 2c Yew 2b Yew 2a Yew 1c Yew 1b Yew 1a

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