My fingers come back into clay

Amazing pots from my lovely Friend Patricia… and here is her new Studio pottery

Bonsai pots Pas pottery

After a long time I have been wishing for my own studio finally that dream comes true.

It is a pleasure for me to announce that 27 of February 2016 it will be the opening day of my new studio.

Many friends are far away, somewhere in the world but they have been supporting me and patiently waiting for this day too.

This is my way to share with all of you the kick off day for an exciting time to create and enjoy working with clay.

 Transformation process of my studio

Also, that day there will be an exhibition “Ta metabolé onta” ”Collection. Its essence is the movement.

It is a  collection of Ikebana pots I made in Shigaraki , Japan.

This collection explores the limits of the ceramic medium, in the form of vases which express the movement as a creative power not only to shape the…

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