Video from Manchester City of Trees: Ancient Oak


In the 1960s my father-in-law Geoff Duckworth, was the assistance chief engineer for Ramsbottom District Council. One of his responsibilities was the construction of new roads as the town began to expand. The widening of Summerseat Lane was needed as a new housing Estate was in the planning, the route of the existing lane would have required the felling of an ancient oak tree. The idea of tree preservation was introduced in 1947 and was yet to be widely adopted throughout the United Kingdom. Read the rest of the story here

2 comments on “Video from Manchester City of Trees: Ancient Oak

  1. Hi Tony

    I have tried to connect online to view the Video as well as the read More Section, but no luck not sure if it is just me or there is a problem with the links.


    John Cavey

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    M: 0419 991 946



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