Pot choice for this semi cascade Taxus

Pot A is what the tree is currently planted in, a few friends who have visited the garden and seen the tree consider a pot change what do you think?

Pot C and D are the same pot one side has the writing on.

Please comment.





7 comments on “Pot choice for this semi cascade Taxus

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  2. Pot A it gives space to the foliage and saves confusion from intersecting lines eg. Edge of the tabels or other surface’s and give a better composition in relation to the the horizontal surface


  3. A – hides the foliage -the match is too good. Perhaps a bit too tall.
    B – love the colour, it highlights the foliage AND the bark, but it is a tad too short!
    C – I feel the the strong horizontal line of the pot disturbs the declining line of the tree, the colour is so-so and bland.
    D – the characters totally take the focus off the tree.

    Get someone to make you a new pot, Tony. Colour as in B, just taller. Looking at the foliage height in each picture, C/D seems the most pleasing height.
    Good luck!


  4. First: All the pots are beautiful.
    Pot A: surely not because the foliage disappears in front of the green of the pot.
    Pot B: OK but height like pot C.
    Pot D: are you kidding?
    So I’ll go for pot C.
    But… a pot with the same model as C from René Lecocq with a rough surface will also do…


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