The Best Deciduous Bonsai: Noelanders Trophy 2017

Saturday 4th February 2017 will be forever etched in my memory as the day I was lost for words. I was presented with an award that I simply thought would always be beyond reach ‘The Best Deciduous Bonsai at the Noelanders Trophy’

The tree was one that I had worked for 26 years, a Hawthorn in the raft style that I collected from the hillside way back in 1991. I had worked the tree as best I could, styling, feeding, watering, treating it when it was not thriving, repotting 6 times, I created every branch on the tree, this was a tree that had grown with me. In all the years the tree had received many awards and now it had won what must be the ultimate accolade from the most prestigious bonsai show outside of Japan.

Prior to showing the three I announced on social media that the tree was to be shown at The Noelanders Trophy 2017 and that it was available for sale. This caused consternation among many of my friends. I decide that it was time to sell as I had taken the tree as far as I could, it was as close to perfection as I could make it and it was time for another person to take on the responsibility of this beautiful tree. Any money raised would go help a family member with their future. The tree sold on Sunday morning after it had won the award. I also have a lot of trees that are coming into maturity that will fill the space in my private collection.


12 comments on “The Best Deciduous Bonsai: Noelanders Trophy 2017

  1. Truly beautiful. I don’t know if the next owner will be able to take it any further than it is now. Congratulations on the award!


  2. Tony, A terrific achievement. Not only have you refined and developed the tree but have given lots of there the chance to learn from it. It was one of the tress you brought to Southport when you gave us a terrific talk on bonsai cultivation. Not a cosseted tree locked away but one you shared with lots of us. I can’t wait to pick up my blackthorn that I bought form you at the show and you kindly brought back for me – afraid my wallet wouldn’t have run to the hawthorn.

    Regards and congratulations again

    Ian >


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