Ethics! Do it right or don’t do it at all!

Great words from a couple of guys who know what they are doing

Backcountry Bonsai

Easter 042al.p

Alright people. We are long overdue for an article on ethics and responsible collecting. An in depth blog post will follow shortly but in the meantime, we all need to chew on this:

The future of bonsai in America rests on all of our shoulders. There are truly magnificent trees to be honored and treasured as our great country matures in the artistry and appreciation of bonsai. Japan has an incredible history in bonsai while we are still living the first chapters of our story. Many Japanese bonsai are literally centuries old in their training! Here at Backcountry our greatest pride is in the hope and confidence that many of the trees we find are worthy of such a future in American bonsai history. There are still trees of this caliber to be found, BUT the availability and survivability of those trees depends greatly upon all of us, and in particular how we…

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