Boot sale and the Yorkshire Bonsai Association 

More power to British Bonsai, well done John Armitage

John Armitage Bonsai's Blog

Despite the terrible weather of the last week the Doncaster Boot Sale at Markham Grange was a resounding success. With more visitors and traders than previous events, although the weather caused a few traders to pull out. Hopefully they will there for the autumn one.

The other reason for my attendance as I didn’t have too much to sell was to test the water for the autumn event as running along side the sale will be an exhibition of shohin Bonsai. Between me and friends we staged some displays to see any pitfalls we might have. The melting snow on the roof showed us that despite the lovely natural light, any rain could give the trees an unexpected watering. You live and learn. I hope the displays were enjoyed by the visitors none the less. The roof problem will be solved by September.

As well as the exhibition will be…

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