Prunus Spinosa in a old Sara Rayner pot.

Its been quite some time since I updated my blog. I am guilty of disappearing down the Facebook rabbit hole. Facebook sucks but it is important for communication. I will be posting mostly here and linking from Facebook and Reddit to my blog. Here is the cascade Prunus in a beautiful Sara Rayner pot for the US. I have also changed the angle slightly both on orientation and angle. I hope you guy like it.

8 comments on “Prunus Spinosa in a old Sara Rayner pot.

  1. No doubt the pot is beautiful, but for the combination I think the pot is too light. It draws you’re eye away from the main part of the tree. Which in my opinion needs thinning out as well


  2. Hi Tony,
    I met you during a workshop at Carlos v.d. Vaart in Holland, It was very interesting however it is already some time ago.
    Yes very nice Prunus ! I Wonder about the branch below on the left side, it is in front of the trunk… ? But may be ou deliberaty left it therefor some reason.

    Best regards
    Gino Ghiorsi


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