Amazing new Bonsai Turntables

print back 01I have been working with Bonsai for over 35 years and I have used all sorts of table, turntables, stands made fro Hairdressers chairs and none have really satisfied all the things I wanted from a workstation. So I designed my own. Selling via MojoBonsai these tables answer all the problems I encountered when working trees. They go higher than any other purpose-built Bonsai workstation. They ‘tilt’ up to 90 degrees so that means no more wooden wedges/block etc. And they fold flat for easy storage no other turntable does all these. I will be attending Major shows throughout Europe if you would like to see these table close up.

All tables fitting are Marine Grade Stainless Steel, the working surface comprises two-piece 18mm marine ply with precision turntable with a 3mm thick fine ribbed anti-slip rubber matting. All elements are secured with stainless steel bolts. An Indexing plunger spring loaded retractable locking pin secures the turntable.

Pro workstation


  • Loading: 200Ibs/90Kg

  • Work surface 59cm diameter

  • 8 Securing points in Marine Grade Stainless Steel

  • Maximum height 125cm

  • Minimum height 90cm

  • Total weight: 30lbs/14kg

The Professional workstation for the discerning artist, maximum height and loading.

Workshop workstation


  • Loading: 100Ibs / 45 Kilo

  • Work surface 59cm dia

  • 6 Securing points

  • Max height 95cm

  • Min height 60cm

  • Total weight: 26lbs 12kg

Designed for the enthusiast, great height and workspace, the same as the pro but with half the loading.

Tabletop workstation

  • Loading: 1000Ibs / 450 Kilo

  • Work surface 59cm dia

  • 4 Heavy Duty Rubber Feet

  • Total weight: 8kg

 Designed for the enthusiast, great workspace.