Buy Yamadori and Bonsai

Blackthorn 01

Blackthorn 01

Please use the contact form  if you wish to enquire about any particular tree

Blackthorn 02

Blackthorn 02

Blackthorn 03A

Blackthorn 03

Blackthorn 03B

Blackthorn 03

Blackthorn 03C

Blackthorn 03

Blackthorn 04

Blackthorn 04

Blackthorn 05A

Blackthorn 05

Blackthorn 05B

Blackthorn 05

I have a large selection of very high quality European Yamadori available for sale, Prunus Spinosa, Hawthorn, Scots Pine, Taxus.

If you want something in particular please use the contact form with your request.

58 comments on “Buy Yamadori and Bonsai

  1. Hi Tony, I am looking for a nice but not to expensive hawthorn, I am a retired pensioner so money is always tight, can you help out with what you have, pink would be nice but not to bothered about that.


  2. Looking for a cascade and finding it hard. I’d refer scots pine or juniper max 600 quid. Would be open to suggestions for other species if I had photos and could arrange viewing.

  3. hello are John of Milan, I was wondering if you bonsai rate and myrtle and pine silvestro.mi you can send me some pictures? with their prices? hello thanks

    • Hi Marc, I have a large amount of stock, when purchasing yamadori it is imperative that you see it in person as each piece may have dozens of creative possibilities. I see you are London based. you can get the train up to Manchester and I will meet you. or drive up.

      • Ok thanks. Didn’t realize you were so far away

        Unlikely I would be able to get up there. Busy life with baby etc
        And unsure of your rates etc

        But ill think of in future.

        Now still trying to find ways to collect down south

  4. Hello Tony,

    I’m looking for a bunjin pine with no shari, no jin, 80cm high with 3cm trunc and good nebari. Branches only on the top…A bunjin-like in the definition of Andô senseï.

    If you have this please feel free to contact me

  5. Hi Tony, Im very interested to see more of your high end yew/pine specimens, any idea when your web site page with these will be available

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