Morea Pubben Bonsai Potter showcase #10

I cannot remember a time in my bonsai life when I have NOT known Morea. A long standing member of the European Bonsai potter fraternity Morea creates individual ‘one off’ artworks. A fine balance between organic forms that blend with the tree and composition Morea endeavours to create something that is artistically beautiful whilst maintaining the function of a pot to secure the tree or planting.

Natural Kusamono Wild flowers on Cornwall’s Atlantic coast

Despite all the travelling I have been doing over the last couple of month NOTHING compares to the beauty of Cornwall’s coast. We stayed at St.Ives for a week and only drove the car once whilst we  were there. The coastal walks are amazing… as are the flowers, natural Kusamono inspiration!

Wild flowers on Mount Herman, Israel

We visited Mount Herman today and it was hot in the Valley 38c AGAIN but it was nice and cool on the top 22c! the whole of the mountain was alive with wild flowers, amazing colours in the bright sunlight. And there was snow… this is a Ski resort in winter.

Unusual Kusamono

Here are a few more unusual Kusamono that I have in my garden, I have used some in displays.