Cascade Prunus Spinosa with Barbed Wire Stand

While I wait for a root stand of quality to present itself, I have decided to create something unusual. I have displayed the tree before on the wooded stand but felt it lacked something. A brainstorming session with Andy from Stone Monkey Ceramics and referring to the unusual tables shown on this blog and here you have the outcome. The twisted barbed wire was ‘found’ on the banks of the Thames near the Olympic Canoe sprit venue.  No cutting needed it just fits!

I will be showing the tree at the Bonsai in Wales event at the end of August.

The strangest Bonsai Tables I have seen!

These two tables are for sale at Arco Bonsai in Italy. The first is very rough wood with barbed wire as featured. The second table was competed and then burned to create the effect you can see here. Beautiful… yes I think so. The maker told me that this was ‘Italian style’