Yew on a Rock project

The use of photoshop can be great for helping you NOT make costly mistakes when choosing pots or plantings. This virtual helps me decide if removing the tree from a pot and placing on this great natural stone from MojoBonsai will work as a complete design.

Combining the two images in Photoshop and adding ‘moss’
The tree in it’s current pot

Stone from Mojobonsai

Prunus in flower

This Prunus Spinosa was collected over 10 years ago and it has been very sloe (sic) to develop. its planted in a semi cascade pot that has the corned ‘torn’ and the trunk passes through it.

Han Kengai Yew changes

Today I removed a major branch from this Han Kengai Yew, I replaced with a branch that was to the rear of the tree and brought it around to the front, the old branch was ‘jinned’ and used as a wire anchor. The pot is a virtual image and the pot is by Jack Hoover in the States.

Han Kengai Yew Bonsai

Svenska BonsaiSallskapet Show and a visit to Bigbrit Ashley Almström

Last weekend I managed to meet up with some of Swedens bonsai enthusiasts, I was met by Torsten Ryman and his partner Eva at the biggest flower show in Sweden where Svenska BonsaiSallskapet had a booth. Over 50,000 people visit the show over three days, when we arrived it was PACKED and there was a lot of interest on the Bonsai on show. Some great examples of trees were displayed and club members were on had to talk to the public.

The next day I visited Bigbrit Ashley Almström and her husband Brian at there amazing house and studio in the centre of Stockholm. Big had the beautiful Maple in the display at the festival, I am sure that everyone will agree with me that Big is the mother of Bonsai in Sweden and she has welcomed may of the worlds bonsai artists to her garden. Its always an honour to visit, and this time it was with my extended family who live in Stockholm.