Alpine Larch first flush of new growth

I have had this lovely larch for just over 18 months and it has been developing well and styled last year, potted in a ‘primitive’ Bryan Albright pot the movement and ruggedness of the tree displays well. I like the quality of the bark, movement of the trunk, scale and size of the tree (Chuhin) and particularly at this time of year the emergence or the fresh green shoots.

Larch front 1500

The view from above the tree

The view from above the tree

larch bark

The lovely rugged bark

Larch deadwood

Still some work to be done on the deadwood


Styling a European Larch Bonsai Video

I received this tree from Matija Triglav my Slovenian friend a mountain dweller! Matija had the tree for a year and I kept it a further year before repotting and styling.

Some may say the trunk is ugly and had too many thin and fat parts. This larch has endured the worst of weather and environments; I am sure it has been hit by the odd avalanche and crushed under many meters of snow.

The bulbous growth is a result of callusing and ‘recallusing’ caused as the tree was under constant attack from the elements.

I wanted to create a compact tree that reflected that struggle for survival, so the canopy cradled in the bosom of the trunk.

I look forward to the canopy developing and the ramification improving, I prefer Larch as a winter image so the styling must be perfect.