Morea Pubben Bonsai Potter showcase #10

I cannot remember a time in my bonsai life when I have NOT known Morea. A long standing member of the European Bonsai potter fraternity Morea creates individual ‘one off’ artworks. A fine balance between organic forms that blend with the tree and composition Morea endeavours to create something that is artistically beautiful whilst maintaining the function of a pot to secure the tree or planting.

Bonsai Potter showcase #9 Bryan Albright Video

Bryan is one of the most established artists of the Bonsai potter circuit his pots are famous worldwide and are used by many of the best bonsai artists to enhance their work.

I met Bryan at the first Ginkgo Award in Belgium way back in 1997 and I have many of my exhibition trees in his pots. Bryan has the uncanny ability to create ultra simple understated pots that bring out the best in ones trees.

A bonsai artist in his own right Bryan and is the winner of the Noelanders Trophy VI, his understanding of matching the correct pot to the tree is an asset to any artist.

In this video Bryan talks about how he creates is iconic Nanban pots, and the influences old Japanese pottery has on his work.

The majority of Bryan’s work is by commission he does hold stock and it is available from his extensive website.