At last Fat Buds and flowers on a Prunus Spinosa

The last few weeks with the biting cold wind and sub zero temperatures have made this one of the worst springs I have experienced in my garden. This has resulted in the deciduous trees being over six weeks later than last year. BUT what this means is that the display of flowers is fantastic. Here you can see how FAT the flower buds were just a few weeks before they burst open. One the buds began to show I brought the Prunus Spinosa into my glass house; this kept me from losing any. The tree is now in FULL BLOOM and is a riot of white!

Blackthorn buds Blackthorn flowers

Cascade Prunus Spinosa with Barbed Wire Stand

While I wait for a root stand of quality to present itself, I have decided to create something unusual. I have displayed the tree before on the wooded stand but felt it lacked something. A brainstorming session with Andy from Stone Monkey Ceramics and referring to the unusual tables shown on this blog and here you have the outcome. The twisted barbed wire was ‘found’ on the banks of the Thames near the Olympic Canoe sprit venue.  No cutting needed it just fits!

I will be showing the tree at the Bonsai in Wales event at the end of August.

Bonsai Potter Showcase #3 Dan Barton Video

I encountered Dan Barton in 1991 at the Bonsai World Convention in Birmingham UK and he was the first ‘true’ bonsai artist I studied with.

Over the years I have helped Dan with his computer skills and in return he has helped me with my bonsai. We are close friends and Dan is someone dear to my heart.

In this interview Dan tells us what excites him and how he relates the character of the pot to the character of the tree.

Take a look at Dans pots on his blog here