Planting a Yamadori Yew on a rock

This amazing windswept tree belongs to my best mate in Bonsai Terry Foster. It has been planted on a rock for a number of years but Terry was never happy with the composition. Terry has access to some wonderful pieces of wavy rock that he collected on his travels. The new piece was more suited to the final image that Terry wanted.

Terry had prepared the rock by drilling a large hole in the base, and placing brass screws to secure tie wires to.

The whole project took 2 hours. The photos tell the story

Planting a Scots pine on a rock from Scotland

This is a pine that I planted in 2006 on this amazing rock from Scotland, Terry Foster helped with the planting. The photos tell the story.

Creating a Terracotta Succulent planting

final planting

Creating a natural rock pocket for a future bonsai planting

Earlier this year I collected some wonderful ‘folded’ rock, this is stone that has a really good texture and colour, perfect for bonsai. I wished to use one of these vertically; this made planting a tree onto the rock rather difficult. The solution was to attach another piece to the back of the stone and make a soil ‘pocket’ that would hold a future tree. I used waterproof cement that sets in 24 hours, I used a chop stick during the curing process to create two drainage/fixing holes in the base of the pocket.

I have two possible trees in development below is a virtual image of a Yew that could work when the foliage has filled out.

Also an Olive that I have in development

Final stone 1Final stone 2Final stone 4Final stone 3Final stone detailFinal stone holesvirtual idea 1500virtual idea olive