Kusamono Bronze Teahouse

This is the Kusamono that I will be presenting at the Swindon Bonsai Show this weekend, just hope it does not set the smoke alarm off!

The overall size is 300 x 220 mm

The Bronze teahouse by Henk Fresen is an incense burner.

The plate is by Walsall Ceramics and the moss is care of my local wild wood.

Swindon winter Image show 2013 Pre-report

This weekend is the first major show of the year in the UK, The Swindon winter Image show has become a firm fixture on the Bonsai Calendar for many of UK’s Bonsai artists. This is my third year of showing trees and (as you would expect) the quality continues to improve. It’s a great meeting place for folk to catch up on gossip (as if) plan their year, buy sundries and trees and generally talk bonsai!

I love shows at this time of year because for lovers of deciduous trees they can enjoy the structure and work that artists have put into their bonsai. GREAT deciduous bonsai take many years of painstaking work to achieve fine ramification and the members of Swindon bonsai club are amongst the best in the UK at creating wonderful delicate and beautifully presented Beech, Hawthorn, Maples and Oaks in their winter glory.

Myrtle 1500

I will be showing my Myrtle for the first time ever. This tree has never been out of my garden, regular readers of this blog already know this tree from a previous post. I recently changed the angle and position of the tree in the pot after a survey from blog viewers as to whether I should change the pot. Myrtle is NOT native to the UK and preparing the tree for exhibition has been quite a challenge. The tree is in FULL LEAF and will probably be the only ‘greenery’ in the show apart from Pines and Junipers.

Bonsai Potter Showcase #4 David Jones of Walsall Ceramics

Walsall Studio Ceramics was formed by David Jones in 1986 with the aide of the Princes Youth Business Trust, after a short period he was joined by Ian Smith and this partnership lasted for 12 years in which time they built a good reputation for their work throughout the bonsai world not just in Britain but Europe and the rest of the World.

David’s dad was a potter and David grew up around clay. Never happy with his work, Walsall are always striving for perfection, in this video we get a real insight into what excites David. I have quite a few pots from Walsall Ceramics, visit their website.

Bonsai Potter Showcase #3 Dan Barton Video

I encountered Dan Barton in 1991 at the Bonsai World Convention in Birmingham UK and he was the first ‘true’ bonsai artist I studied with.

Over the years I have helped Dan with his computer skills and in return he has helped me with my bonsai. We are close friends and Dan is someone dear to my heart.

In this interview Dan tells us what excites him and how he relates the character of the pot to the character of the tree.

Take a look at Dans pots on his blog here