Bonsai Resources

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Bonsai publication/web

Bonsai Empire a superb up to the minute website offering in depth articles and techniques.

Bonsai Workshops

Bonsai workshops ~ The best Bonsai workshops in the UK

Bonsai Supplies

Bonsai Focus ~ online bonsai supplier based in the Netherlands

Herons Bonsai ~ Peter Chan’s bonsai nursery in Surrey

Willowbog Bonsai ~ bonsai nursery and online shop in Northumberland

Green Dragon Bonsai ~ bonsai supplier based in Flintshire, North Wales

Stone Lantern (USA) ~ online bonsai and Japanese gardening supplies from USA

Bonsai Pottery

Stone Monkey Ceramics ~ online catalogue of bonsai ceramics

Walsall Studio Ceramics ~ online catalogue and commissioned hand-made pots from Walsall

Milan Klika ~ bonsai pots from The Czech Republic

Bryan Albright ~ hand-made bonsai ceramics

Atelier Bonsai Element ~ Erik Križovenský fantastic pot creations

Bonsai Forums & Resources

Master Bonsai Forum ~ online forum

Internet Bonsai Club (IBC) ~ online forum

Belgian BonsaiCafé forum ~ online forum

Shohin-Bonsai Europe ~ Morten Albek’s online blog

Beginners guide to Bonsai ~ all you need to know when starting with Bonsai

Bonsai Artists

Luis Guillermo Forte lots of Suiseki here

Márcio Meruje ~ Portugese bonsai artist

Silvestry Bonsai  ~ based in Spain

Morten Albek (Denmark) ~ galleries and information

Walter Pall (Germany) ~ an amazingly comprehensive gallery of his trees

Hans Vleugels ~ Belgian bonsai artist

Bonsai Eejit ~ Northern Ireland Bonsai Blogger of good taste!

Peer-Bonsai ~ Danish bonsai artist

Bonsai Clubs & Organisations

Bonsai South Africa ~ Website dedicated to South African Bonsai Clubs

Cornwall Bonsai Society ~ bonsai society based in Cornwall UK

Cheshire Bonsai Society ~ bonsai society based in Cheshire UK

Federation of British Bonsai Societies (FoBBS) ~ information about events, shows and clubs from across the UK

Bonsai Club International (BCI) ~ worldwide bonsai organisation

Dragon Bonsai Society (Wales) ~ bonsai club in south west Wales

Artistic Bonsai Circle in South Wales ~ bonsai group in south Wales

British Shohin Association ~ All about Shohin in the UK

American Bonsai Society ~ bonsai club in USA

International Bonsai Arboretum (USA) ~ more about bonsai in the USA

The National Bonsai Society ~ bonsai society based in Southport UK