Bonsai without Borders in China Demo tree

At the Bonsai without Borders event in China December 2016, 70 artists each had a juniper to work, there were no egos, artists worked alongside each other Kobayashi worked alongside, Serjio, Nacho, Mauro, Bjorn, Ofer, Leigh, Yannick, Nik and many more artists from across the world it was a leveller, NOT a competition but every brought there top game to the event.


Each artist drew a lot and allocated a tree from the number drawn. Mine ‘28’ the tree was not easy from the start, ALL the foliage was far from the base of the trunk and it was not nice foliage to work. It was very interesting to see the differing styles and approaches to the problems presented. The organisers wanted the tree potted up. I was not happy about this but they wanted to see ‘finished’ trees. I selected an oversize cascade pot, the main rootball of the juniper was hardly touched in the repotting so I was happy that the tree would survive this stage.

Watch the video and see the result.

Amazing Large Bonsai at Shanghai botanical gardens

When in Shanghai you must visit the botanical gardens, they have hundreds of the most amazing Pine Bonsai, all mature, all well maintained and in superb condition. When we visited the whole area was under reconstruction, it will be fantastic when completed in March 2017. Most of the tree were HUGE and many of the trees were around one metre in height, all shapes and styles. Surprisingly very few cascade trees, a fantastic display of Penjing and tea houses.


A visit to the amazing Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai China

Last week I visited the amazing Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai China, this garden is right in the middle of downtown Shanghai. The rock constructions and layout of the gardens was fascinating, also many beautiful wooden building.