European Bonsai Tour #6 Hunting the spruce with Nik Rozman at 5888 feet

Yesterday I had the time of my life hunting for Spruce with Nik and Peter Rozman, we ascended a very high mountain after a four hour drive

The weather was so bright and sunny that Sunglasses had to be worn at all times! The climb to the top took a few hours, even if we had not collected any trees it was worth it for the view alone.

We did collect one tree… MINE! A wonderful small fat spruce that came out of the ground so easy, it had NO tap root and the fine roots did not sink into the ground very far. These trees have been styled/eaten by wildlife so the foliage was very compact.

The wild Hellebore were shades of pink and white and there were all over the top of the mountain.

Four days work on my new Allotment

After waiting seven years to secure an allotment near my home I finally took ownership of a large plot. I inherited three sheds, two greenhouses and one huge headache. the site had not been touched for 4 years and was massively overgrown.

50% of the ground was covered with paving stones… and the rest knee high in weeds… the first job was to remove the overgrown trees, second to dismantle a dilapidated shed, and the third to remove a skip full of accumulated rubbish, plastic and glass. The photos show the difference after 4 days hard labour… and there are many more to follow 🙂

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Vintage Photos of collecting yamadori

In the continuing spirit of Vintage bonsai photos here are a collection pre 2000 photos showing just how insane I was in the early days of collecting yamadori.

Escallonia Bonsai created over 5 years dug from an Urban garden

Here is a Preview of one of many presentations that I give to Clubs + Societies. (Book Here)

I have recorded in detail the history of creating this Escallonia bonsai from digging out of a neighbours garden to Showing  in a national exhibition in an ART GALLERY.