Interview in my garden with Social Media giant @documentally

A couple of years ago I had a reporter visit my garden to interview me about Bonsai, listening to it now there are a few things that make me cringe… but listen to the recording as if you knew NOTHING about bonsai or Yamadori… as this was the audience it was aimed at, its an Audioboo Listen here it’s 9 .21 mins long and make sure you turn your sound up. This has been listened to by lots of folk on the web. It was part of a social networking event I hosted as part of my Digital Consultancy Business and the Reporter was fascinated when he came to my house and decided to do the interview.

If you have a lot of time on your hands check out Christian Payne

Four days work on my new Allotment

After waiting seven years to secure an allotment near my home I finally took ownership of a large plot. I inherited three sheds, two greenhouses and one huge headache. the site had not been touched for 4 years and was massively overgrown.

50% of the ground was covered with paving stones… and the rest knee high in weeds… the first job was to remove the overgrown trees, second to dismantle a dilapidated shed, and the third to remove a skip full of accumulated rubbish, plastic and glass. The photos show the difference after 4 days hard labour… and there are many more to follow 🙂

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Changing the Position of a Hawthorn Bonsai when re-potting

I was never happy with the viewing position of the tree in the pot, I commissioned Gordon Duffett to create a new pot that would enable me to rotate the tree and make the image more dynamic. Take time to watch the movie of the re-potting, there are a few surprises!

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I have had this tree for over 15 years, its know as ‘The Fat Guy’ (because I have a hawthorn called ‘The Tall Guy”) 

Building a heating bed for overwintering Bonsai and Yamadori

I have used a heating bed for over ten years as the best way to increase the recovery of collected yamadori. The building of my new Greenhouse meant that I could have a new much larger heating bed. This is how I made it.

The whole frame is 12ft x 3ft The Timber was 9”x 2”. There is NO base to the frame, it is laid directly on the stone flags. The Timber is held together with 6” galvanised bolts.

A layer of silver backed ‘bubble’ insulation is laid directly on the floor. I could have used 1” Polystyrene block, but this proved OK.

To ensure that the moisture is retained the whole frame is lined with a Heavy Duty Polythene Sheet, and ‘stapled’ into position, particular attention is given to the corners.

Batons are screwed into the top of the frame to secure the Polythene Sheet, galvanised screws are used.

12 bags of Kiln Dried Sand are used to line the base of the frame, 2” deep. This Sand never ‘hardens’ and is a joy to work with. ‘Builders’ sand is not suitable. The Sand is then saturated with water

The heating cable (80ft long) is placed as shown and covered with a further 2” of Sand.

The completed Heating Bed, the cable is secured to the frame with a cable clip and the whole bed is saturated with water.

The raw yamadori now has a comfortable resting place to recover and thrive.