Natural Kusamono Wild flowers on Cornwall’s Atlantic coast

Despite all the travelling I have been doing over the last couple of month NOTHING compares to the beauty of Cornwall’s coast. We stayed at St.Ives for a week and only drove the car once whilst we  were there. The coastal walks are amazing… as are the flowers, natural Kusamono inspiration!

Bonsai Potter Showcase #3 Dan Barton Video

I encountered Dan Barton in 1991 at the Bonsai World Convention in Birmingham UK and he was the first ‘true’ bonsai artist I studied with.

Over the years I have helped Dan with his computer skills and in return he has helped me with my bonsai. We are close friends and Dan is someone dear to my heart.

In this interview Dan tells us what excites him and how he relates the character of the pot to the character of the tree.

Take a look at Dans pots on his blog here

Unusual Kusamono

Here are a few more unusual Kusamono that I have in my garden, I have used some in displays.

Beautiful Kusamono in my garden

Here is a selection of Kusamono from my garden, dwarf hostas, Japanese dwarf bulrush, Sedums and much more! My Friend Dan Barton has created most of these lovely pots