Styling a Scots Pine to create an elegant image

This is a Pine that Pavel brought over for me last November when he came to Burrs with Mirek and Jakub.

I would not normally work on a pine that had only been potted the year before however this pine was responding well PLUS I used a strong strap to hole the tree firm whilst I worked.

The major branches were first wrapped in Raffia then Self Amalgamating Rubber Tape. Minor branches only had Raffia and thin branches no protection. ONLY copper wire was used.

I tend to style from the bottom up, working each branch and positioning before I wire the next. I always have the image in my head that I wish to achieve, this process saves wiring unnecessary branches.

I decided to work the deadwood after styling as I wanted the canopy to determine the size of the deadwood. On this occasion no long jins or stylised carving, only hand tools were used.

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