Bonsai Potter Showcase #4 David Jones of Walsall Ceramics

Walsall Studio Ceramics was formed by David Jones in 1986 with the aide of the Princes Youth Business Trust, after a short period he was joined by Ian Smith and this partnership lasted for 12 years in which time they built a good reputation for their work throughout the bonsai world not just in Britain but Europe and the rest of the World.

David’s dad was a potter and David grew up around clay. Never happy with his work, Walsall are always striving for perfection, in this video we get a real insight into what excites David. I have quite a few pots from Walsall Ceramics, visit their website.

Wonderful book about Japanese Shohin Trees & Antique Pots with English subtitles

I was quite excited this morning as I took receipt of a beautiful book from the Japan Shohin Bonsai Association. My teenage son thought it was something for him when he saw the package as all the stamps were Manga Cartoon Characters. Even my Cat wanted to get in on the action when I was photographing for the blog!

I buy about 10 books a year most are from Japan and a few exhibition books from European events. My knowledge of the Japanese language is limited, confined to Bonsai terms along with “Hello” and “Thank you” so this limits my enjoyment to browsing the photos. But this publication differs as it has ENGLISH subtitles!
This book is more than a celebration of Shohin Bonsai, it’s an encyclopaedia of Shohin Bonsai pots and a real addition to any personal bonsai book library. The high quality photography and print are up there with famous ‘Kokofu’ Exhibition Catalogues. Perhaps the most ‘fun’ part of the book is that most photos of trees and pots appear to be ‘life’ size which is great because you can see the work done with the trees and fine detail in the pots, especially those with ‘scenes’ painted on the sides (and sometimes inside).

The book is published in Japan by the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association as a celebration of their 30th anniversary. There are 363 Shohin Bonsai and antique pots which were registered as master piece of “Yuuga Bonsai, Bonki” 12 years in a row by the All Japan Shohin Bonsai Association.

I believe that this is only book published in Japan which explains in detail Japanese Shohin trees and antique pots with English subtitles.

This is where my book was purchased and it arrived in less than a week from when it was ordered

Bonsai Potter Showcase #3 Dan Barton Video

I encountered Dan Barton in 1991 at the Bonsai World Convention in Birmingham UK and he was the first ‘true’ bonsai artist I studied with.

Over the years I have helped Dan with his computer skills and in return he has helped me with my bonsai. We are close friends and Dan is someone dear to my heart.

In this interview Dan tells us what excites him and how he relates the character of the pot to the character of the tree.

Take a look at Dans pots on his blog here

Strange pot for a semi cascade Juniper

I have had this juniper for over ten years, I bought it because I wanted a Japanese Juniper in my collection, this little tree has been the most expensive tree in my garden, because I paid so much for this tree I have been reluctant to part with it, most of my collection consists of yamadori that I have collected.

This tree was originally Moyogi with set branches in a typically imported tree. However the tree suffered from vine weevil about 7 years ago and lost but one branch! It has stood in my garden looking very sorry for all this time…. In fact…many of my bonsai ‘friends’ have made fun of me for paying so much for a runt of a tree.

Some times a particular pot can stimulate an idea, this is one such pot. My friend from Holland Hans Van Meer, gave me this pot by William Vlaanderen  because I believed this tree would ‘work’. The idea for this pot is Hans. I think that this runt of a tree will develop into an interesting bonsai… you saw it here first…what do you think?