Creating a Shohin Juniper from mass produced imported material.

Japan, Korea and China produces these small junipers by the thousands, they can be purchased relatively cheaply and in some cases can be transformed into exception bonsai. If you are considering purchasing one, look for compact trees that do not have too many twists and turns and little character… it’s better to have a tree that displays good taper, pleasing movement and healthy branches ready for styling.

One of my students is preparing for the UK heat of the EBA New Talent Competition in 2013 (getting a good start) Mikey is styling as many small Junipers as possible leading up to the event next year. I supplied this little tree for him to work with. Mikey is still very much rough around the edges with his bonsai styling but he does have an excellent eye for detail. He tasked with styling AT LEAST one tree a week (funds permitting) and between styling he is pouring over every Bonsai book in my library.