The Frozen Bonsai garden

Don’t be afraid to leave out your bonsai out in the garden during cold snaps, it is important to let your trees have a dormant period in winter. If the pots are shallow then you need to be more vigilant. The outside temperature in my garden hardly ever drops below -5ºc and my trees benefit from this cold period.


Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show 2012 report and Video

The Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show 2012 has fast become a high point in the UK bonsai calendar. 2012 will go down as a milestone in UK bonsai excellence as the quality of display, excellence of trees and enthusiasm of the host club was truly superb. AND it was busy, I do not know the actually numbers through the door but there were a LOT of people at the show… it was also a great meet up of may of ‘the guys’ (and girls) from the UK Bonsai Scene… definitely THE place to be.

I had a speaking slot where I described the evolution of my Large Escallonia, John Armitage did a Shohin critique workshop and Ritta Cooper waxed lyrical about creating Kusamono and Shitakusa.

I was particularly pleased to have a compliment from Nobu Kaiwara about my cascade Prunus Spinosa, he considered it his favourite tree in the show, in particular its ‘natural’ styling and aged character… nice 🙂

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Over 100 trees were display in all their winter glory and 11 prizes handed out at the end of the event.

  • Best Shohin display was by Mark & Ritta Cooper
  • Best Mame display was by Bob Bailey
  • Best Conifer was the Chinese Juniper that was owned by Martin Shepherd
  • Best Deciduous tree was the Trident Maple by Mark Cooper
  • Best Chuhin was the Elm of Will Baddeley
  • Best Visiting Society was the Artistic Bonsai Circle
  • Best Accent sponsored by John Trott was by Ian Warhurst from Wirral Bonsai Society
  • Best in Show was the Trident Maple of Mark Cooper
  • Best Tree/Pot combination was the Pyracantha by Mark Cooper
  • Best individual Shohin award from the British Shohin Association went to Paul Hunt of Swindon & District Bonsai Society
  • Special Merit award was given to Wirral Bonsai Society

For a photo record of the winners take a look at Swindon & District Bonsai Blog