Bending a trunk on my Hawthorn Raft

At the last re-potting of the Raft hawthorn I change the angle of the tree by rotating the tree anti clockwise by approx 15 degrees to improve the ‘depth’ and to bring the low left hand branch forward. However in bringing this forward meant that the far right ‘trunk’ moved away from the viewer. This needed to be rectified by bringing the trunk forward so that the tree ‘embraced’ the viewer.

The branch that is being bent is shown in the first photo from Swindon Winter show 2011

The problem was that the trunk is very old and stiff (a bit like me) below is shown how I overcame this. The photos speak for themselves. The final photo shows the wire brace that ‘pulls’ the trunk towards the front by being anchored to the front trunk.

When the tree is viewed as a photo you will see little difference as the image is ‘flat’ but when the tree is in exhibition it is much improved.