Yamadori for sale

Yamadori for sale, you see it all over the web… Yamadori for sale… especially on EBAY, but should you buy Yamadori from a photo? and what guarantees do you have that the tree has not been collected two days prior purchase? Listen to what Enrico Savini says about Yamadori for sale. This is good advice… All Yamadori for sale on this site has been established AT LEAST two growing seasons, has been planted in an open soil mix to encourage good root growth AND I have been selling Yamadori for over 15 years. Many of Europe’s top bonsai artists buy from me because they know that quality is paramount. Rant over!


2 comments on “Yamadori for sale

  1. Goede middag,

    Ik heb interesse in de hawthorn yamadorie. Aan welke prijzen moet ik denken voor en mooie boom. Of kan je en scan sturen met voorbeelden en prijzen.

    Mvg Buddy Elias


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