About Tony

Tony Tickle Profile PictureTony has been working with bonsai since 1983, he specialises in native European trees, in particular; Hawthorn, Yew and Pine.

Board of Director for Bonsai Clubs International 2003-2005 and Member of Association of British Bonsai Artists, Tony is a founding member of ‘Black Scissors’ the global creative brotherhood of bonsai artists. An event planner, in 2015 Tony organised Bonsai Europa the BIGGEST bonsai event to take place in the UK since 1991. He has a regular column in the widest circulation Bonsai Magazine ‘Bonsai Focus’ and writes for specialist publications worldwide.

Tony demonstrates at major conferences throughout the UK and Europe and across the world, including: South Africa, China, Brazil, India and the USA. Nominated for a Noelanders award in 2009, World Conferences and many European events, He won his first Ginkgo awards in 1997, UK winner and runner up in the European New Talent Competition in 1995. In 2017 Tony won“Best Deciduous Bonsai” at the prestigious Noelanders Trophy in Belgium.

Tony demonstrates at clubs, societies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe. He believes that it is important to never stop learning and travels extensively to work with the best artists. Sharing and giving are key to Tony’s own teaching methods, and to this end he created the Burrs events. The Burrs events have been running since 2004, with many invited artists coming and sharing their talents with participants.

Tall Guy Hawthorn sept 14Not afraid to speak his mind Tony seeks to promoted Bonsai as an art form in its own right, hosting exhibitions in Museums and Art Galleries along with unusual locations that capture the public imagination. He has presented bonsai in creative and dynamic way courting controversy and praise in equal measure. Tony has championed the introduction of a fair and transparent judging system that is now widely used across the global bonsai scene. If you would like Tony to demonstrate at your next event, provide a workshop or lecture. Or if you want to have a one 2 one workshop he can be contacted. HERE. Over the years Tony has created hundreds of bonsai for himself, clients and students, below is a small selection of some of his favourites.