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I have a passion for teaching and helping those who wish to take their bonsai to a higher level. I have coached three individuals in the EBA New Talent Competition and they have all gone on to win the UK heat and place well in Europe. My student’s trees have won many prizes including the prestigious Gingko Award and Noelanders Trophy.

Bonsai Clubs, Societies and Nurseries

I am happy to speak at evening club events; I prefer to give a talk accompanied by a digital presentation. Clubs only need to supply a plug socket as I have all my own equipment. If there is time I offer a tree critique for member’s trees. Please do not request a ‘demo’ for an evening as this presents the wrong impression to some club members that bonsai can be created ‘instantly’
Current presentations include:

  • Bonsai from native European trees
  • Preparing your trees for exhibition.
  • Bonsai from garden trees.
  • How to collect Yamadori.
  • Hawthorn from raw material to exhibition including three case studies.
  • Yew Bonsai.
  • Creating a show quality Escallonia Bonsai in 5 years from Garden stock.
  • A history of European bonsai since 1981
  • Species: (individual talks) Yew, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Pine


Conducted at a venue of your choice and location and catering for up to 10 participants this is a great way for your club to progress and improve the overall level of member’s trees. Participants provide their own trees, tools, wire etc. Full day or two days are recommended.

National, International Events & Conventions

I am available for National and international Events and Conventions worldwide. I have demoed throughout Europe and beyond over the last 20 years.

If you would like me to give you a price for any of the above please complete the form below