Bud-Ten Bunratty

What a great looking show!

Bonsai Eejit

From small acorns mighty oaks grow….

It was an absolute pleasure to be be involved with Ray Egan at Bud Garden Centre in Bunratty and watch the first (and not the last) Bud-ten exhibition come together.

Bud Garden Centre in the Shadow of Bunratty Castle

Ray is one of guys who works hard in the background to push bonsai forward in Ireland and do it in the right way. From a chat last year over a few beers when he talked about hosting a Japanese Gardening Weekend at Bud including bonsai, to what just transpired last weekend, it’s been a rollercoaster.

Ray hard at work

Bud is nestled away in a corner opposite the historic Bunratty Castle and although small, offers plants missing from most garden centres. Ray hosts monthly meetings for the Munster Bonsai Club of which he’s a founding member.

Ray asked if I’d help pull the bonsai…

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Yew on a Rock project

The use of photoshop can be great for helping you NOT make costly mistakes when choosing pots or plantings. This virtual helps me decide if removing the tree from a pot and placing on this great natural stone from MojoBonsai will work as a complete design.

Combining the two images in Photoshop and adding ‘moss’
The tree in it’s current pot

Stone from Mojobonsai

Prunus in flower

This Prunus Spinosa was collected over 10 years ago and it has been very sloe (sic) to develop. its planted in a semi cascade pot that has the corned ‘torn’ and the trunk passes through it.

Han Kengai Yew changes

Today I removed a major branch from this Han Kengai Yew, I replaced with a branch that was to the rear of the tree and brought it around to the front, the old branch was ‘jinned’ and used as a wire anchor. The pot is a virtual image and the pot is by Jack Hoover in the States.

Han Kengai Yew Bonsai